Our History

Founding Members: Peggy Chapman, Megan Greenstein, Lisa Grisolia, Lisa Hart, Tiffani Nelson, Kim Panton, Jennifer Vitelli, Cathy Witkos

Our Beginnings

NEPANS was founded due to the need for PANS/PANDAS education, awareness and support.  In 2013, a group of parents and practitioners came together to organize a large-scale conference in Rhode Island that encompassed educational and scientific awareness featuring multiple medical specialists and a parent advocate for the purposes of sharing current research, treatment methods, and surveys of participant families. Over 300 people attended this two-day conference. 

Since this first conference, NEPANS fulfills its mission by continuing to organize conferences and seminars provided by specialists who discuss their treatment protocols, latest research findings, and case studies. NEPANS has further expanded PANS awareness by creating awareness campaigns and educational outreach materials. NEPANS has been at the forefront of providing education on PANS to the School Nurse community throughout New England.  NEPANS also provides support to families on an individual basis and by helping to promote local support groups.


NEPANS remains a small grassroots organization. There are no paid positions. We operate under a small budget and work hard to keep operating costs low so as to focus our efforts on awareness, education and support.  We reach roughly 3,000 people a month via our newsletter, Facebook page, website and in person. As awareness expands, the need for education and support is increased and we strive to meet those needs.