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  • PANDAS/PANS What’s the Story-Children, Parents & Practioners Rising to the Challenge by Lisa Wolk-KilionNatural Awakenings-pages 38-40 -2015
  • Arizona health panel works to raise awareness on pediatric autoimmune disorder. By Claire Cleveland  – Cronkite News Arizona PBS-2015
  • Can an Infection Trigger OCD? Proposed link between infections and psychiatric disorders is still under review but gaining more recognition, resources among scientistsWall Street Journal – July 2015
  • 5 Things to Know About PANS by Amy Dockser MarcusWall Street Journal – July 2015
  • Antioxidants help treat skin-picking disorder in miceStanford Medicine – July 2015
  • Moleculera Labs Receives Grant from OCAST to Develop Assays to Identify Individuals with Neuropsychiatric Disorders of Autoimmune OriginPR NewsWire, July 2015
  • Q & A: Sudden symptoms are first sign of PANS and PANDAS – Stanford Children’s Health – 2015
  • Kansas Family Struggles with Rare Childhood Disorderkmuw-2015
  • Infected mind: A rare autoimmune condition spurs controversy, forges new frontiers Unearthed-2015
  • Yes, You Can Catch Insanity-A controversial disease revives the debate about the immune system and mental illness. By Andrew CurryNautilus-2015
  • Advocating for your child when doctors doubt the diagnosis – Care for patients with PANDAS, a little-known controversial disorder, is limited in tri-state area by Aubrey Nagle – Philly Voice-2015
  • New pediatric OCD syndrome features abrupt onset- Expert Analysis from The Psychopharmacology Update Institute By Mitchel L. Zoler – PM360-2015
  • Adult PANDAS: Seek and Ye Shall Find – The prevalence of PANDAS in adults is remarkable if one bothers to look! Jory Goodman M.D.  – Psychology Today- 2015
  • My Son Almost Lost His Mind From Strep Throat: When Melanie’s son John started acting strangely, none of the doctors knew what was wrong, until his school nurse spoke up (Cosmopolitan-2014)
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  • Little known disorder underscores education needs. By Patricia Rice Doran (Baltimore Sun-2014)
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  • What is PANDAS? How Is It Different from Autism? Interview with S. Swedo (Autism Speaks Science Digest-2014)
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  • PANDAS: Our Own Personal Snowpocalpyse in Atlanta. By Christine M. Ristaino (HuffPost Blog-2014)
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  • PANDAS: Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections – A New Diagnosis? (Theravive – 2014)
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  • PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus) (ENT Blog-2013)
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  • PANDAS – a frightening condition, thought to be caused by the common ‘strep throat’ bacteria, whose symptoms can include tics, obsessions, compulsions and anorexia (foodmatters)
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  • Youthful victim of rare disease looks to spread word about PANS (Warwick Beacon-2013)
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  • ‘Charlie’s Law’ to Expand Insurance Coverage for PANDAS/PANS Signed Into Law – Chicago 5 (2017)
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  • N.H. Families Fight for Rare Diagnosis Linking Strep to Kids’ OCD – NHPR(2015)
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  • W5 investigates possible links between common infection and psychiatric and neurological disorders in children – CTV-W5 (2015)
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  • Be Healthy: Rare Disease Known as PANDAS – Dr. Prasad Srinivasan – NBC-CT (2014)
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  • P.A.N.D.A.S. triggers sudden symptoms in children. Dr. Deborah K Sokol – WTHR (2011)
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  • Saving Sammy with Beth MaloneyThe Drs. (2011)
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