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Community Partners

Community Partners Mission: We, as separate and unique non-profits in the U.S., strive to support PANDAS/PANS children and their families seeking the improved health and well-being of their children and families.

As Community Partners, we will work together to develop plans to fund research, create awareness and grow support for families in need.

National Insititute of Mental Health

NIMH Support

Providers may contact the NIMH directly via email with questions about PANDAS/PANS.

Please note NIMH cannot offer medical advice on patients but can assist with general questions and issues as well as referrals to specialists. 

*For more information & articles from NIMH, see the links below.


Additional Resources

The following websites provide helpful information that is related to PANS/PANDAS research or co-conditions.

PANS/PANDAS-Related Blogs

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Finding Happiness in a PANS/PANDAS/Lyme Family

The Dreaming PANDA

My PANDAS Journey: Recovery and 8 Years of Misdiagnoses

Life with PANDAS

My personal story – living with PANDAS/PANS, Lyme, and co-infections

Regarding Caroline

Caroline’s Story of Illness, Diagnosis, and Healing