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NEPANS Conference Videos


  • Judith G, Leventhal, PhD. – Infection Induced Encephalopathy: Cognitive and Sensory Impairments – Video
  • Nancy O’Hara, M.D.- Transforming a Devastating Chronic Illness into a Treatable Disorder – Video
  • Rosario Trifiletti, M.D. PhD. — PANDAS/PANS and the New Psychiatry – Video
  • Q&A Session – Video

CT Conference Video Play List
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  • Peggy Chapman, CNS, BC, MSN – Medication and Behavioral Modification –Video
  • Paul Hardy, M.D. -The Challenges of Evaluating and -Treating PANS/PANDAS – Video
  • Geordie Thomson, M.D. -Lyme Disease – Video
  • Rosario Trifiletti, M.D. PhD. – PANDAS/PANS and the New Psychiatry –Video
  • A Story Of Recovery – Video
  • Q&A – Questions and Answers

NH Conference Video Play List
Conference Page

  • Dr. Swedo
  • Dr. Latimer
  • Dr. Cunningham
  • Dr. O’Hara
  • Dr. Pasternak

Video of Dr’s Breakfast
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  • Peggy Chapman, RN and Coram CVS Specialty Infusion Services – Video
  • Dr. Nancy O’Hara – Lyme & PITANDS – Video

Video Play List
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  • Kim Panton & Diana Pohlman – Opening Remarks – Video
  • Dr. Swedo – From PANDAS & PITANDS to PANS: Recognizing and Treating Acute Onset OCD in Children – Video
  • Dr. Latimer – The Spectrum of PANDAS – One Size Does Not Fit All – Video
  • Dr. Trifiletti – The Neurological Basis of PANDAS/PANS –Video
  • Dr. Bock – An Integrative Medicine Approach To Neuroimmune Disorders: PANDAS/PANS – Video
  • Peggy Chapman – Psychiatric Meds & Behavioral Interventions – Video
  • Dr. Hubbuch – Lyme Disease – Video
  • Dr. Micco – Applying Exposure And Response Prevention To Youth With Pandas – CBT – Video
  • Ke’ala’s Recovery, Told By Her Mother  – Video
  • Dr. Walter – Immune Modulation in PANS – IVIG – Video

RI Conference Video Play List
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Conference Videos from Other Organizations

  • PANS PANDAS Comprehensive and Novel Treatment Approaches to Heal The Microbiome
    Online Conference
  • Historical Perspective on PANS.  Dr. Swedo
  • A Child Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Caring for Patients with PANS / PANDAS, Dr. Murphy
  • Group A Streptococcus (GAS) in PANS – PANDAS. Dr. Cooperstock
  • Genetic Vulnerability and PANS: Emerging Discoveries.  Dr. Crowley
    Watch Here
  • Opening – Diana Pohlman, Sarah Alleman, & Lance Smith
  • PANDAS, PANS, & Beyond -Dr. Susan Swedo
  • “The Brain, the Immune System and Encephalopathy” -Dr. Melanie Burgos-Alarcio
  • “PANDAS/PANS What Are The Questions?” – Dr. Michael Cooperstock
  • Parent Experience – Teresa Gallo
  • “Think Outside the Box” – Amy Smith, Nurse Practitioner
    Watch Here

Informational Videos

Tim Sorel, documentary film producer and U of Florida research, has traveled to 37 cities to capture the world of PANS/PANDAS from the perspective of families and doctors.  He examines how families struggle with their children while attempting to secure appropriate medical care for them.  He interviews the leading scientists and doctors who have devoted their time to furthering care and research. The film is in post-production. Information on how to watch this documentary is forthcoming. For more information about the documentary and to watch some video clips, click on the following links: 

  • Linking intranasal group A Streptococcus infection to CNS complications
    Dr. Agalliu, Dr. Cleary – Journal of Clinical Investigation – 2015
    Read More


  • Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections
  • From: Autism Research Institute
  • Presented by: Dr. Sue Swedo
  • Beyond the Infection: Issues and Resources Relevant to Recovery
  • From: Missouri Institute of Mental Health
  • Presented by: Kelly B. Gregory
  • Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus (PANDAS) – Autoimmunity and Autism
  • From: The Great Plains Laboratory
  • Presented by: Dr. Woeller
  • PANDAS/PANS in Autism
  • From: National Autism Association
  • Presented by: Scott Smith, P.A.


NIH CC Grand Rounds – 2016

  • An Overview of PANDAS, PANS and other Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Disorders – Dr. Swedo
  • HLA Association and Evidence for the Role of Inflammation in PANDAS/PANS – Dr. Frankovich
  • Home Page & Video

Radio & Podcasts

  • PANDAS and PANS with Amy Joy Smith, NP
  • Better Health Guy
  • Listen Now