Want to get involved in the NEPANS/PANDAS Association?

Time is a valuable gift. You can volunteer, fundraise, set up a NEPANS table exhibit at a local fair, farmers’ market or community event. The ways to help raise awareness and funds are limited only by our volunteers’ imaginations!

There are many ways to help and to participate in our mission to spread awareness, support families, and educate the entire community.  Whether you want to host an event, become a sponsor, write your story, call your legislators, educate your community, or donate to the cause, we have an initiative for you. 

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Our Main Initiatives Include the following:

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Lectures & Conferences for Parents & Professionals

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School Nurse & Therapist Outreach

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Community Outreach

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Parent Support

How Can you help us Make those things happen?

See the Suggestions Below

Help Support NEPANS

Be a PANS/PANDAS Champion!

  • Donate Online
  • Donate by Mail
  • Be a NEPANS Fundraiser
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor

Take Action

Take Action-Small Steps & Big Moves!

  • Share Awareness Posters easily on Social Media
  • Share Awareness Materials
  • Host an Educational Meeting
  • Advocate & Take Legislative Action
  • Volunteer During Calls to Action

PANDAS Awareness Day

Celebrate Pandas Awareness Day on October 9th!

  • Celebrate PANDAS Awareness Day
  • Take Action
  • Help Support NEPANS
  • Share Your Story
  • Share Awareness Posters easily on Social Media
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Help Support NEPANS

Become a PANS/PANDAS champion by donating to the cause! For every dollar you contribute, we are able to further spread awareness and create opportunities for understanding of the autoimmune disease.

Would you like to donate in someone’s honor? Please email NEPANS after you have completed the donation process with the honorees Name and Email. NEPANS will send them an e-card.

Donate Directly by Mail

Please fill out the NEPANS Donation Form and send to:

New England PANS PANDAS Association
Post Office BOX 592
Raynham Ctr, MA 02768

New England PANS PANDAS Association is registered with Amazon Smile and can receive 0.5% of most purchase you make through Amazon. There is zero cost to you.  It just takes three easy steps!

take action

Become a PANS/PANDAS champion by spreading awareness and educating others about PANS/PANSAS.

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Print and Post NEPANS Awareness and Educational Materials

If you’re passionate about helping NEPANS reach FAMILIES, DOCTORS, EDUCATORS, THERAPISTS with PANS PANDAS resources information, we invite you to share, post, and print our Awareness Posters, Fact Sheets, PANS in the School Setting materials. You can bring awareness to your community by distributing NEPANS materials to medical professionals, schools, and other relevant kid-friendly organizations in your city.

Volunteer During Online "Calls to Action"

Volunteer with NEPANS answering one of our "Calls to Action". NEPANS regularly posts "Calls to Action" on our social media channels, so be sure to follow NEPANS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Host an Awareness/Education Meeting or Table

NEPANS supports our community by offering materials for you to use! Does your school have a resource fair? Do your teachers want to learn more about PANS/PANDAS? Does your Special Education PTO want to learn more about PANS/PANDAS? Will your school post Awareness Posters in the lobby and halls during PANDAS Awareness Day? If yes, we can help you! Contact NEPANS today so that we can discuss setting up a meeting.

Advocate and Contact Your State Senators and Representatives

Even if you have never contacted your legislative representatives before you can start now! Write them a letter. Make an appointment to come talk to them about PANS/PANDAS and the need for insurance coverage. Write testimony when there is a Bill before a committee. So be sure to follow NEPANS on Facebook, Twitter and NEPANS Legislative News for updates.

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Awareness. Understanding. Hope. Healing. Progress.
These are the words that come to mind when we think about what PANDAS Awareness day means and what we want to accomplish today and in the future. Every effort counts. Every step towards progress counts. Many exciting endeavors are underway and more on the horizon. As a community, we will make PROGRESS towards continued and greater AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING about PANS/PANDAS, which will foster more opportunities for HEALING our kids and provide HOPE for our families. Awareness happens one step at a time: one family at a time, one doctor at a time, one school nurse at a time, one teacher at time, one legislator at a time.
Pans/Pandas Awareness Day is October 9th. On this day, we aim to create global awareness of this devastating disorder. 


For more information about How you can participate in this upcoming Awareness Day, Contact Nepans.